Free Soul..

I was lost I didn’t know what I wanted from life. I was a wandering soul I met people spent time and had fun. But I didn’t know what I was chasing. I spent sleepless nights going places seeing things. I would stay up whole night looking for something or may be nothing. I don’t know I really don’t know. But everyone thought I was.

Here I am now, no more lost and no more wandering. I am no more free no more curious. No more freshness no more enthusiasm. I know what I want and I have what I want. But I am not happy. Back then I was happy knowing that I am lacking something. That feeling of looking for something gave me strength to keep going. I liked those days better than these. I want to keep going again keep wandering like a free soul in search of something. Because that gave me a feeling that I was alive. When you already have everything you want and when you know there is nothing you want more from life is when you are not living anymore. You don’t want to look for that little something anymore. You don’t want to keep going. You are no more alive.


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